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We also do consulting, so we can chat with you about what your business problems are and how you can use technology to effectively solve those problems in a cost effective manner.

The most common inefficiency we see in businesses is improper use of technology. So many companies seem to think that if they just go out and buy an expensive piece of technology, efficiency will follow. I mean, it is technology for heaven's sake!

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Business Technology Consulting, continued
The unfortunate reality is that technology by itself will NOT give your business what it needs to prosper in today's business environment - better customer service, better management information and more efficient operations. Business technology is like a lever and fulcrum, in the classical physics sense. A classical physics lever is a device that let's one person move more weight than their muscles alone would normally allow. That is to say, a lever multiplies the power of their muscles. Likewise, modern business technology multilies the power of the minds using it.

The correct thing to do to maximize your business efficiency, while minimizing your cost with business technology is to make a road map, of what you need now, what you will need in the future, and when. We can help you with that planning. If desired, we can also assist with the implementing of the plan. Your Business Technology Plan can be as simple as getting a web site up and running, or as complex as installing a network, and getting all the software pieces to work right. Our decades of experience with business technology are available to you.

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